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Sat 04 Feb 2017 - Sun 05 Feb 2017

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Drumlin Lane: Self-catering Accommodation Near Belfast

If you’re thinking of visiting Belfast next season for the Irish Open or World Masters why not consider the two and three bedroom self-catering accommodation located a 25 minute drive from the Irish Open and World Masters venue at Belfast Indoor Bowls Club.

Taylor Bowls World Fours Masters and Taylor Bowls World Pair Masters events set to be the biggest and best yet!

Entries to the Taylor Bowls World Fours Masters and the Taylor Bowls World Pairs Masters open on Thursday 1 June at 6pm.

Jonas Hager is YPOTS

Congratulations to 14 year old Jonas Hager of Sweden who is the SMPT's Young Player of The Season 2016-17. Jonas, who will be presented with the Ryan O'Neill Award later in the summer, claims the title won last year by Belgium’s Sibe Laureys, by virtue of finishing the season as the highest placed under 18 in the Order of Merit. Sweden's Victor Andersson was in second position with Alex Kley of England finishing third.

SMPT Players’ Player of the Season 2016/17

SMPT Players’ Player of the Season 2016/17

As the dust settles on yet another great season that saw a new World No 1 crowned, our first ever back to back finalist and then our first back to back winner, we take a look at those players who have stood out above the rest. With two Belgians, four Englishman, six Irish, two swedes, a Welshman & Scotsman who will get your vote and become 2016/17 PPOTS?

An interview with the Short Mat Players Tour!

An interview with the Short Mat Players Tour!

This video footage shows what happened when David McVeigh, who represents an organisation called the Belgian Project, met with the Short Mat Players Tour. David dropped into Belfast Indoor Bowls Club to witness the action during last weekend’s World Masters in Northern Ireland. He spoke to Phil Mills, one of the SMPT directors, to find out more about the Short Mat Players Tour and the sport we love…

Rules: World Ranking Events

  • The Dress Code is relaxed, except that footwear must be proprietary bowling shoes or sandals.
  • 12 ends to be played in each game (except for the Irish Open and World Masters, where due to the larger number of entries games will last 10 ends).
  • 4 bowls per player.
  • 2 dead ends are allowed per player per match; the 3rd and any subsequent dead ends will be 3 shots away and the end will count except for the last end of a match where it will be 3 shots away and the end replayed.
  • Players may visit the head at any time.
  • Players must indicate both verbally and by raising their arm, to notify the marker and those on neighbouring mats, whenever they intend to play a running bowl. This is to ensure everyone’s safety.
  • Players should play in adherence with the SMPT Code of Conduct. Suspected collusion or other unsporting behaviour may result in immediate expulsion from the competition, and may affect acceptance in future SMPT events.
  • Any disputes must be raised with the Competition Organisers at the time. In this, and in all other matters, the Competition Organisers’ decision is final and binding.
  • Both players are responsible for keeping their own scorecards and ensuring that both scorecards are the same. Markers are not responsible for completing scorecards.
  • Scorecards must be signed by both players at the end of a game.
  • Measuring may be done by players, markers, umpires or the Competition Organisers.
  • All players will be expected to mark and have been automatically allocated to games in the Group Stages. In the Knockout stages players are expected to mark the game after they are knocked out. This ensures all players share the marking duties equally.
  • In the Group Stages 3 points will be awarded for a win and 1 point for a draw.
  • Group positions will be decided by:
    • Points
    • Relative head to head results (results against those tied on the same points)
    • Total shot difference
    • Shots for
    • If all the above are equal a 3 end, 2 bowl play-off will determine the positions. See ‘Tie-break Rules’ below.
  • A player who for whatever reason misses one group game, will still be allowed to continue in the event. For the purposes of deciding the group standings, the opponent in the missed game will receive a 12-0 shots win and 3 points.
  • A player who for whatever reason misses two or more group games will be withdrawn from the event. For the purposes of deciding the group standings, all other players in the group will receive a 12-0 shots win and 3 points. Any results recorded against the withdrawn player prior to withdrawal will not be counted.

Tie-break Rules

In Knockout rounds a tied game will be decided by a 3 end tie break –
  • 2 bowls per player.
  • Toss to start – winner has choice of taking the jack on 1st & 3rd ends, or 2nd end.
  • Closest bowl to the jack wins each end.
  • First player to win 2 ends wins the match.
  • Touchers are not marked. Any bowl entering the ditch area will be removed.
  • Each player may cause one dead end in the tie-break without penalty; the end to be replayed. A player causing a 2nd dead end will automatically lose that end.
  • A tied end will count as 0.5 ends to each player.
  • If, after 3 ends the score is 1.5 ends each, a one end sudden death play-off will take place. Toss to start.
All rules will be ESMBA, apart from those listed above.
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