Welsh Grand Prix 3 Bowl Pairs

Sun 02 Apr 2017

Entries open for the Welsh Grand Prix 3 Bowl Pairs.

Entry Fee: £27.50 (£13.75 per player)


  • Pairs will be split into groups of 4.
  • The top 2 in each group will qualify for the main Cup knock-out.
  • The remaining 2 pairs in each group go into the Plate competition.
  • Matches played over 9 ends.

Note: Timings are a guide only and may vary.

Prize Money

Champions £300
Runners-up £100

* Prize money and format is subject to entries.

Featured Players

Rules: Welsh Grand Prix

  • The Dress Code is relaxed, except that footwear must be proprietary bowling shoes or sandals.
  • The number of ends to be played in each game will be as follows: 2 Bowl Pairs = 10 ends, 3 Bowl Pairs = 8 ends.
  • 2 bowls per player in 2 Bowl Pairs. 3 bowls per player in 3 Bowl Pairs.
  • 2 dead ends are allowed per team per match; the 3rd and any subsequent dead ends will be 3 shots away and the end will count except for the last end of a match where it will be 3 shots away and the end replayed.
  • Players may visit the head at any time.
  • Players must indicate both verbally and by raising their arm, to notify all players on their mat and those on neighbouring mats, whenever they intend to play a running bowl. This is to ensure everyone’s safety.
  • Players should play in adherence with the SMPT Code of Conduct. Suspected collusion or other unsporting behaviour may result in immediate expulsion from the competition, and may affect acceptance in future SMPT events.
  • Any disputes must be raised with the Competition Organisers at the time. In this, and in all other matters, the Competition Organisers' decision is final and binding.
  • Both teams are responsible for keeping their own scorecards and ensuring that both scorecards are the same.
  • Scorecards must be signed by both teams at the end of a game.
  • Measuring may be done by players, umpires or the Competition Organisers.
  • In the Group Stages 3 points will be awarded for a win and 1 point for a draw.
  • Group positions will be decided by:
    • Points
    • Relative head to head results (results against those tied on the same points)
    • Total shot difference
    • Shots for
    • If all the above are equal a 3 end play-off will determine the positions. See 'Tie-break Rules' below.
  • A team who for whatever reason misses one group game, will still be allowed to continue in the event. The opponents in the missed game will be awarded with the win, 3 points and 1 shot for each of the scheduled number of ends for games at the event e.g. 10 end pairs games would be a 10 v 0 win and 8 end pairs games would be a 8 v 0 win.
  • A team who for whatever reason misses two or more group games will be withdrawn from the event. All teams in the group will be awarded with the win, 3 points and 1 shot for each of the scheduled number of ends for games at the event e.g. 10 end pairs would be a 10 v 0 win and 8 end pairs would be a 8 v 0 win. Any results recorded against the withdrawn team prior to withdrawal will not be counted.
  Tie-break Rules
  • The SMPT’s best of 3 end tie-break will be used in Knockout rounds to decide which team progresses when a game finishes as a draw. It will also be used to determine the positions in a group if teams finish equal on all of the following: points, relative head to head results (results against those tied on the same points), total shot difference and shots for.
  • 1 bowl per player.
  • Toss to start – winner has the choice of taking the jack on 1st & 3rd ends, or 2nd end.
  • Closest bowl to the jack wins the end.
  • First team to win 2 ends wins the match.
  • Touchers are not marked. Any bowl entering the ditch area will be removed.
  • Each team may cause one dead end in the tie-break without penalty; the end to be replayed. A team causing a 2nd dead end will automatically lose that end.
  • A tied end will count as 0.5 ends to each team.
  • If, after 3 ends the score is 1.5 ends each, a one end sudden death play-off will take place. Toss to start.
All rules will be ESMBA, apart from those listed above.
Map Unavailable

Useful Information

All Entries

  • Aaron Clare + Callum Beale
  • Adam Easthope + Richard Walker
  • Adam Smith + Paul Seaman
  • Alan Spicer + Brian McGivern
  • Allan Evans + Andrew Evans
  • Allan Williams + Peter Rees
  • Alun Thomas + Ricky Pyle
  • Anthony Poole + Robert Watson
  • Antonio Rinaldi + Erwin Vanlangenakker
  • Arwel Morgan + Jack Shepard
  • Barrie Goodchild + Richard Williams
  • Barry Whitburn + Bobbie Whitburn
  • Brab Hallowes + Bridget Hallowes
  • Brenda Crowe + Josie Robinson
  • Chris Coates + Derek Coates
  • Chris Davies + AN Other
  • Chris John + Mikey John
  • Chris Mcwhinnie + Andrew Jones
  • Chris Willies + Luke Haddon
  • Craig Evans + Luke Harwood
  • Dafydd Howell + Rhys Evans
  • David Alner + Karen Alner
  • David Chittock + Mark Chittock
  • Debs Matthews + Gavin Matthews
  • Desmond Pengelly + Alan Holden
  • Di Rundle + Dean Rundle
  • Dimitri Payne + Jonathan Payne
  • Don Mcnamara + Derek McCann
  • Dorian Hudson + Alun James
  • Edward Sawbridge + Chris Williams
  • Elliott James + George Main
  • Frans Roberts + Greta Roberts
  • Gareth Davies + Martyn Davies
  • Gary McNabb + Gerard Conroy
  • Geraint Morgan + Lee Lewis
  • Gethin Edwards + Aled Edwards
  • Glenn Harvey + Vincent Dornan
  • Ian Ford + Mark Hollis
  • Ian Hobson + James Shaw
  • Jal Richardson + AN Other
  • James Bucknall + Neil Bucknall
  • James Gladstone + Jon Gladstone
  • James Trott + Paul Pomeroy
  • Jason McLean + AN Other
  • Joel Hager + Jonas Hager
  • John Jillings + John Mills
  • John Lax & Matty Worden
  • John Matthews + Richard Arran
  • John Parnell + Shirley Parnell
  • Karl Hudson + Dan Winmill
  • Karl Symmonds + Mark Thorpe
  • Keith Lackford + Steve Proctor
  • Kirsty Hatch + Andrew Jones
  • Lars Hansen + Ulf Hällstrand
  • Lisa Douglas + AN Other
  • Malcolm Sheen + Harrison Sheen
  • Mark Allen + Lorraine Axtell
  • Michael Ivings + James Smith
  • Mitchell Young + Ken Sleat
  • Natalie Evans + Andrew Evans
  • Nathan Haire + Terry Crawford
  • Nick Evans + Emma Gittins
  • Nigel Reed + Dom Reed
  • Paul Baller + Dan Baller
  • Pauline Mannell + Jim Mannell
  • Peter Roberts + Grant Soller
  • Philip Ladd & Wyn Davies
  • Ray Young + Sue Young
  • Rebecca Cox + Shirley Cox
  • Richard Palmer + Elin Palmer
  • Richard Prowse + Darren Davi
  • RJ Woolsey + David Sinton
  • Rory Gittoes + Ted Gittoes
  • Ross Dunkley + AN Other
  • Ryan Abraham + John Pye
  • Ryan Adair + John Adair
  • Saul Featherstone + Jo Lau
  • Simon Lewis + Simon Lewis
  • Stephen Wilson + Sheila Wilson
  • Steve Buckett + Colin Dickinson
  • Steve Killington + AN Other
  • Steve Proctor + Keith Lackford
  • Steve Puttock + Mike Wright
  • Steve Stanton + Sam Harvey
  • Susanne Lidholm + Christer Almen
  • Thomas Perris + Steve Perris
  • Tom Archer + Steve Collins
  • Tom Clough + Ryan Knight
  • Tom Harris + Stephen Williams
  • Tommy Dahlgren + Bente Dahlgren
  • Trevor Brian + Daniel Wilson
  • Wendy Ford + Martin Dubb
  • Yolanda Featherstone + Bill Crawford

Potters Grand Prix: SMPT launches new event in July 2017

We are delighted to confirm that today marks the opening of entries for the Potters Grand Prix, the latest new team event in our 2017 tournament calendar. Following successful events at prestigious venues in Europe including the Belfast Indoor Bowls Club and the Athena Beach Hotel in Cyprus, the International Arena at the Potters Resort in Norfolk, England will host a Short Mat Players Tour event on 15th and 16 July 2017. Replicating the popular format used in the SMPT's World Ranking singles events, the Potters Grand Prix will be a two bowl pairs competition, played throughout the weekend. Drawn into groups of 6, all teams will also be guaranteed a knockout game in either the Cup, Plate or Shield competition and as such will play a minimum of 6 games. The Potters Grand Prix follows April's Welsh Grand Prix 2-Bowl Pairs and Welsh Grand Prix 3-Bowl Pairs, completing this unique Tri-Series in 2017.  Players have the choice of entering one, two or all three events, thereby increasing their chances of winning the fantastic additional prize awarded to the two players who achieve the best aggregate performance over the Tri-Series. SMPT Director Phil Mills explained: “When people think about high profile bowls venues, they think Potters. It is a real privilege for us to work alongside Sallyanne, Greg and the dedicated staff at Potters Resort, as we aim to deliver another top quality short mat bowls experience." Sallyanne Gooch, Potters Resort Group and Commercial Sales Director, added: “Both Greg Harlow and myself are pleased to be working with the team from the Short Mat Players Tour and we look forward to welcoming their event to Potters next July.” The chance to book a great weekend's stay at Potters Resort and play in a top notch SMPT event is a unique opportunity not to be missed! For comprehensive details and to enter this event simply visit our Potters Grand Prix tournament page.

Bookings are closed for this event.

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