Pairs World Rankings: how it works!

Just like in the singles rankings, players will be able to enter any Pairs World Ranking Event or a combination of multiple events. Players will be able to play with the same partner or play with different partners in different events, with all entrants having their own individual pairs ranking. At the end of the season, after the completion of the fourth and final Pairs World Ranking Event, prizes will be awarded to the top four players in the Pairs Order Of Merit.

Whilst these events have different formats (as is detailed on the respective tournament pages of this website), once the group stages have been completed teams will either qualify for the Cup knockout competition or the Plate knockout competition depending on their final position in their group.

During the group stages ranking points are awarded as follows:

  • 3 points for a win.
  • 1 point for a drawn game.

Any team who is unable to play any group game due to their opponents e.g. absence or illness, will be awarded with the win, and will then be awarded ranking points for that game based on their average performance in the other group games they have played.

All ranking points accumulated in the group stages will be added to those amassed in the knockout rounds. The two tables below illustrate how more ranking points are available in the bigger tournaments to reflect the additional knockout rounds played. These tables also show how the players qualifying for the Cup get more ranking points than those who qualify for the Plate.


Position: 65-128 teams 33-64 teams 1-32 teams
1st 108 90 72
2nd 96 78 60
Last 4 84 66 48
Last 8 72 54 36
Last 16 60 42 24
Last 32 48 30 N/A
Last 64 36 N/A N/A


Position: 65-128 teams 33-64 teams 1-32 teams
1st 36 30 24
2nd 30 24 18
Last 4 24 18 12
Last 8 18 12 6
Last 16 12 6 0
Last 32 6 0 N/A
Last 64 0 N/A N/A

If a player is substituted during an event, the substituted player will retain any ranking points earned up until the time of the substitution. That player’s partner will keep any ranking points earned up until the time of the substitution and will continue to earn ranking points from any games played with the substitute. The substitute will not be eligible for any ranking points in that event.

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