2016 Swedish Masters ‘Show Mat’ Schedule

Following the popular Show Mat concept which featured at both the 2015 World Masters and Irish Open we have brought it back for the 2016 Swedish Masters! The Show Mat will be positioned in the best location to enable spectators to enjoy the games which will have particular appeal, or are regarded on paper as one of the ties of their round! Below are the confirmed fixtures for the 12 sessions of group games that will be played on Day One. This talented line-up consists of players from 6 countries and includes 6 SMPT ranking event winners, 3 World Cup Winners, as well as a host of World, British Isles and National champions, past and present.

09:00 Peter Hore (England) James Smith (England)
09:50 Jorgen Karlsson (Sweden) Dimitri Payne (Belgium)
10:40 Jack Pye (England) Dick Almen (Sweden)
11:30 Paul Pomeroy (England) Cecil Dillon (Ireland)
12:20 Rosa Albrektsson (Sweden) Lawrence Moffat (Scotland)
13:10 Neil Davidson (England) Lars-Rune Lauritzen (Norway)
14:00 Robin Hansson (Sweden) Jonathan Payne (Belgium)
14:50 Mark Beattie (Ireland) Bronagh Toleman (England)
15:40 Christer Almen (Sweden) Morten Andre Coll (Norway)
16:30 Mitchell Young (England) Annelie Wikstrom (Sweden)
17:20 Jonas Hager (Sweden) Joel Hager (Sweden)
18:10 Lee Toleman (England) Tony Bell (Ireland)

You can follow the ‘Live Scores’ of all Show Mat games on our website. The 3 Show Mat games for the final round of group games played on the morning of Day Two will be confirmed following the completion of Day One.

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