Latest World Rankings development sees ranking points halved after one year

The World Rankings are based on the ranking points earned by players over a rolling 12 event period. Therefore the World Rankings represent performances across a minimum of 1 event and a maximum of 12 events.

Since, the last revision to the World Rankings, all ranking points earned over the rolling 12 event period have been worth the same value whether they were earned at the most recent ranking event or at the ranking event which was staged 12 tournaments prior, two years earlier. In order to make the rankings a more accurate snapshot of players’ current standings, the rankings have been recalculated in readiness for the start of the 2017-18 season.

Ahead of the UK Open 2017, all points earned from the following events, which are more than one year old, have been halved: UK Open 2015, Irish Open 2015, European Masters 2015, Swedish Masters 2016, English Masters 2016 and World Masters 2016. The points awarded at the following more recent events, within the last year, will retain their full value: UK Open 2016, Irish Open 2016, Norwegian Open 2016, Swedish Masters 2017, English Masters 2017 and World Masters 2017.

After the completion of the UK Open 2017 (the first ranking event in the 2017-18 season), the ranking points from the UK Open 2015 (12 events earlier) will be removed, before the new ranking points from the UK Open 2017 are added. The latest revision means that at the same time the ranking points from the UK Open 2016 (6 events earlier) will be halved. This process will be repeated after every ranking event thereafter.

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