World 2 Bowl Masters Draw

The draw for the World 2 Bowl Masters is below. There are 93 players from 8 countries split in to 31 groups. The top 2 players from each group will progress to the main knockout competition while the remaining players will compete in the plate. Games are played over 21 ends. Registration opens at midday on Friday 17th April with practice allowed up until 12:45pm. Play will start at 1pm. The full schedule can be seen here.

Group 01
Michael Trimby
Sara Johnston
Jack Pye
Group 02
Suzanne Finlay
Andreas Hahn
Kenneth Tinney
Group 03
Anne McConnell
Chris Hegarty
Dick Almen
Group 04
Damian McAllister
Chris Davies
Rosa Albrektsson
Group 05
Teresa Cushnahan
David Lee
Stephen Proctor
Group 06
Aaron Taylor
Ronan Smyth
Nigel Reed
Group 07
Len Graham
Ryan Abraham
Jim McConnell
Group 08
David Arthurs
Aidan Corrigan
Daniel Sands
Group 09
Mark Beattie
Dorothy Shanks
Craig Evans
Group 10
Robin Gamble
Darren Erskine
Saskia Schaft
Group 11
Dennis Hinks
Frank Cunningham
Liam Smith
Group 12
Rebecca Smith
Joel Hager
Chris Mann
Group 13
Ross Mackin
Shane Heavern
Gary McNabb
Group 14
Thomas McAleavey
Andrew Jones
Sam Harvey
Group 15
Alan Lyttle
Sean Trainor
Angus Barnes
Group 16
Scott Jess
Johnny Nyström
Lars Hansen
Group 17
Jonathan Barnes
Nick Evans
George Tanner
Group 18
Neil Davidson
Seamus Whelan
Don McNamara
Group 19
Rodney McCutcheon
Johnny Breadon
Brian McCoy
Group 20
Gareth Wilkinson
Jan Reinders
Billy Clinghan
Group 21
Richard Robinson
Daniel Winmill
Jackie Erskine
Group 22
Tony Bell
Steven Jeffers
Paul Canning
Group 23
Nathan Haire
Gerry McCabe
Trevor Turkington
Group 24
Robin Beattie
Ryan Cavan
Martin McNicholl
Group 25
Stephen Oliver
Derek Shanks
Keith Tinney
Group 26
Niall Crane
Bent Nielsen
Dom Reed
Group 27
Tristan Erskine
Aled Humphreys
William Boggs
Group 28
David McGuinness
Andrew Cockcroft
Bente Dahlgren
Group 29
Tommy Dahlgren
Lillian Gjermo
Robert Martin
Group 30
Moira McAdam
Valerie Witherow
Eddie Campbell
Group 31
James Trott
Peter Roberts
Chris Mcwhinnie
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