World Cup qualification is determined by a player’s position in the Order of Merit after the completion of the six world ranking events in the season. These events are listed below.

  • UK Open
  • Irish Open
  • Norwegian Open
  • British Open
  • English Masters
  • World Masters

Players can accumulate ranking points by competing in any number of these open events. Full details are shown here: http://shortmatplayerstour.com/rankings/world-rankings-works/.

The top four ranked players for each country featured in the Order of Merit after the final ranking event of the season are invited to take their place at the World Cup.

A ‘Rest Of The World’ team can also qualify. This team will consist of the top four ranked players from the countries who do not have enough players included on the Order of Merit to field a team in their own right.

A player’s country is determined one of three ways.

  • Place of residency
  • Place of birth
  • Parent’s nationality

In the first instance the SMPT will use the place of residency as the default country for who a player will represent. A player may change this by submitting proof to the SMPT of either their place of birth or their parent’s nationality. Once verified, the player may change their country of representation. All relevant evidence must be given to the SMPT no later than the completion of that player’s first ranking event in any given season.

If a player who has qualified cannot take part in the World Cup they will be replaced by the next highest qualifying player from that country on the Order of Merit list. The new player will take the 4th spot in the team, with any of the original qualifiers moving up one spot.

If no replacement player is available from the Order of Merit then the SMPT may, at its discretion, invite another player from outside of the Order of Merit, who also meets one of the three criteria above for the same country.

The SMPT may, at its discretion, invite teams from countries not listed in the SMPT Order of Merit. This will be permitted to promote the sport in these countries.

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