Short Mat Players Tour Launches New ‘Player Statistics Database’

Here at the SMPT we pride ourselves on providing good quality information for all players and their supporters. Thanks to the creation of our new Player Statistics Database, the amount and variety of information at your disposal just improved significantly!

Have you ever wondered which player on the Tour has the highest win percentage? Who has played more games than anyone else? Who has drawn the most times? Well now, the answers to these questions and many more besides can be found simply by visiting the Players Stat’s page of our website.

Not only can you instantly check your entire performance history from all ranking events dating back to the start of the 2012-13 season, you can also see your biggest wins and biggest losses!

In addition to tracking your rise or fall in the Order of Merit and the World Rankings, you can even find out about the current form of your forthcoming opponents. What is more, with the head to head search you can see all results between any two given players, at the click of a button!

As an introduction to a few of the database’s key features and to get you familiar with some of the functions at your fingertips here are five questions! By navigating around the various sections of the database you will be able to find the correct answers.

  1. What is the surname of the player with a higher win percentage than Kevin Conroy?
  2. What is the nationality of the player who has drawn the most games?
  3. How many shots did Mark Beattie score in his biggest win?
  4. How many times have Joseph Beattie and James Trott played each other?
  5. At which competition has Joel Hager won 11 out of his 21 games?
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