About SMPT

Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide everyone from club bowlers to international stars with the world’s finest short mat bowls tournaments. Coupled with our drive and focus to foster short mat bowls, we strive to promote the sport we love to new global audiences.

Our Ambition
An unrivalled passion for short mat growth is at the core of our business. Our primary motive is setting and achieving targets and moving beyond our limits, enabling players from around the world to enjoy what the sport has to offer.

Our Vision
The Short Mat Players Tour vision is to be the market leader in all aspects of short mat bowls. From staging premier bowls events through to implementing technological advancement and providing professional consultancy.

Our Values
Our shared values support and guide our operations. For us to succeed requires the determination to win, team spirit, fair play, innovation, professionalism and a sense of fun.

  • Determination to win: Strong performance is our core value. The determination to win encourages a strong work ethic and enables a culture where high level performance is the norm.
  • Team spirit: We believe in team spirit and teamwork. We want our team to consist of strong individuals who support our common goals.
  • Fair play: We play by the rules and we recognise and seek to remedy our faults. Core values of equity and objectivity are at the centre of every decision we make and govern all activity.
  • Innovation: The prerequisite for development is innovation, and the prime mover for innovation is to always question the way we do things. Standing still equates to failure and is not an option.
  • Professionalism: It may be an amateur sport at present, but we believe a business like approach is fundamental if our organisation and the sport are to reach their potential.
  • Sense of fun: A genuine enjoyment of what we do permeates through from our team down to the players and all who attend our events. Everyone’s SMPT  experience should be a pleasurable one. We all agree that life is too short and so we choose to go about our business with a smile on our face.


Strategic cornerstones of the SMPT

  • Operational excellence
  • Innovation & development
  • Customer focus
  • Media exposure

Operational excellence
The SMPT will continue to drive operational excellence through tight management of working capital. Key roles are managed & maintained through both specialised knowledge and a strong, mixed skill set, with further operations and tasks maintained by a keen volunteer support staff structure.

Innovation & development 
The SMPT has already proven itself as leaders in the organisation of top class short mat bowls events which has brought about progressive innovations and development of specific equipment. As proactive seekers of new ideas, we are continually attuned to market developments in order to better answer the specific needs of our customers.

Customer focus
We are deeply committed to meeting the needs of our customers and constantly focus on customer satisfaction. Our aim is to provide them with a truly exceptional experience and we encourage feedback & enable effective two-way communication to achieve this.

Media exposure
We are driven by a passion for the sport to take short mat bowls into the farthest reaches of the globe. With little exposure outside of the UK previously, we are applying various methods of media exposure. Social media, a great website and videoed draws have helped ‘spread the word’ as well as the usual television, radio & newspaper avenues. With live streaming and even live TV being researched we are well on the way to achieving our goals!

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