Bowls is Bowls European Open Pairs 2021: draw published

The draw for the 2021 Bowls is Bowls European Open Pairs has now been made. See how the teams have been divided into 8 groups for the tournament in Chelmsford at the Falcon Indoor Bowls Club.

With 4 teams qualifying for the Cup knockout from each group, there is certainly everything to play for.

The action starts at 10am on Saturday 28th August, with the final scheduled for 5:30pm on Sunday 29th August. The full schedule can be seen here on Tournament Software.

Group 01

Bill Burn + John Pajak
Neil Davidson + Tim Rycraft
Emily Poulter + Josie Robinson
Aaron Clare + Chris Terry
Mitchell Young + Jack Pye
Brenda Crowe + Adrian Akinson
Dafydd Jones + Gethin Edwards
Edward Sawbridge + John Lax

Group 02

Trevor Tymon + Alex Tymon
Gary Brian + William Parkinson
Leigh Hall + Chris Hopkins
Bob Taylor + Carol Taylor
Alan High + Pat High
Greg Wade + Rob Wade
Peter Hore + Elise Daniell
Tony Wall + David Jelley

Group 03

Andrew Shorney + Lorraine Shorney
Karl Hudson + Daniel Winmill
Graham Jassy-Catton + Paul Mansfield
Alan Taylor + Neil Birks
Andrew Birks + Gary Birks
Stephen Clarke + Colin Dunwoody
Josie Charter + Maureen Bell

Group 04

David Hacker + Thelma Hacker
Steve Buckett + Ben Pay
James Trott + Lawrence Moffat
Gordon Watts + Martin Watts
Darren Brown + Nigel Froud
Denise Kirby + Jacqui Arnel
Phil Ramsden + Nicola Ramsden
Joseph Lewis + Richard Arran

Group 05

Mark Courtney + Jason Parkinson
John Smallcombe + Jo Featherstone
Billy Chapman + Tony Friel
Martin Nash + Brian McGivern
William Boggs + Gary McNabb
John Jeffery + Jason Martin
Elliott James + George Main
Ryan Knight + Ollie Hipkiss

Group 06

Chris Willies + Michael Tandy
Ricky Pyle + Richard Prowse
Robbie Foster + Adam Rankin
Peter Gordon + Stephen Bainbridge
Sean Hughes + John James Davies
Sue Pledger + John Pledger
Glenn Harvey + Saul Featherstone
James Shaw + Ian Hobson

Group 07

Pauline Child + Eileen Smith-Allen
Robin Armstrong + Chris Page
Barbara Johns + Keith Johns
David Chittock + Mark Chittock
Darin Graydon + Jamie Crozier
Richard Williams + James Smith
Thomas Coles + Micheal Doorey
Edward Law + Jeremy Leach

Group 08

AN Other + Mark Spalding
Alun Thomas + John Pye
Nigel Reed + David Sifford
Jeffery Branch + Dennis Mack
Scott Follis & Nathan Caines
Stephen Steward + Paul Hughes
Chris Coates + Derek Coates
Christopher Hillier + Lee Lewis
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