Bowls is Bowls World Fours Masters Draw

The draw for the 2022 Bowls is Bowl World Fours Masters has now taken place. The competition will be played on 26th November at Falcon Bowling and Social Club. The full schedule can be seen on Tournament Software here.

Group 1
Lewis, Bevan, Lewis + Bevan
Chittock, Chittock, Wade + Wade
Burgess, Pridham, Pye + McAlister
Pammant, Goodchild, Smith-Allen + Child
AN Other, AN Other, McPhillips + Weston
Naylor, Steward, Pyle + Thomas
Group 2
High, High, Taylor + Taylor
Harwood, Harwood, Harwood + Hogben
Holbrook, Burn, Simcock + Stanway
Armour, Moore, Ciarnduff + Armour
Roberts, Roberts, Roberts + Brideaux
Courtney, Birmingham, Clemensson + Albrektsson
Group 3
Puttock, Wright, Dubb + Puttock
Moffat, Andersson, Hager + Hager
Midgley, Bell, Trinci + Siedler
Hobson, Dyche, Shaw + Clarke
Jones, Stevens, Banfield + Banfield
Group 4
Jillings, Gittoes, Gittoes + Jones
Dillon, Coates, Coates + Coates
Wall, Jelley, George + Cockburn
Almen, Morina, Lax + Trott
Coles, Doorey, Harvey + Berry
Young, Buckett, McCrea + Pay
Group 5
Fussey, Fussey, Money + Money
Grange, Ray, Shorney + Shorney
Howell, Howell, Harries + Stiles
Richardson, Blakely, Richardson + Blakely
Sawbridge, Thomas, Knight + Knight
Group 6
Jones, Mcwhinnie, Davies + Humphreys
Simpson, Simpson, Dines + Dines
Reed, Sifford, Pye + Sifford
Beattie, Beattie, Beattie + Moore
Nordin, Nordin, Hudson + Winmill
Tandy, Lowery, Caines + Hale
Group 7
Tymon, Davison, Tymon + Davison
Ramsden, Ramsden, Ramsden + Constable
Brown, Spalding, Guildstam, Dornan
McElvaney, Magennis, Farmer + Hall
Poulter, Robinson, Stanton + Crowe
Group 8
Frantzen, Karlsson, Larsen + Borgersen
Harvey, Pomeroy, Smith + Kley
Law, Leach, Froud + Hacker
Easthope, Mitchell, Dunkley + Dunkley
Pledger, Pledger, Miles + Jassy-Catton
Manley, Payne, Seaman + Hopkins
Official Sponsors
Bowls Trader
Nordic Caravan
Crowne Plaza Belfast
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