• Each country’s number one seed will be the team captain who will be responsible for ensuring players are ready for play and any marking duties. The captain will also be responsible for making the coin toss at the start of each game and collecting completed and signed scorecards and returning them to the desk.
  • If a player is replaced in a team the new player will occupy fourth spot. Remaining players will move up a spot if a player above them has been replaced.
  • A team may participate with three players under exceptional circumstances and with the approval of theSMPT. All other qualifying criteria must also have been exhausted. Any team participating with three players will lose one point per game and lose a shot difference equal to one shot per end.
  • 10 ends to be played in the group stage, unless stated otherwise.
  • 12 ends to be played in the knockout stages, unless stated otherwise.
  • Captains toss for start across all four matches.
  • Two dead ends allowed per player, the third and subsequent dead ends will be three shots away, end played, unless it happens on the final end where it will be three shots away and end replayed.
  • One point for individual match wins.
  • Half point for a tied match.
  • Two points for aggregate shot difference across all 4 matches.
  • In the event of a 3-3 tie in the Knockout Stages a tie-break will be used to determine the winner.


  • All four players will participate. Players will play the opponent they have just played and on the same mat. Captains will toss a coin, the winner decides to take the jack on the first & third end or the second end on all mats. Players three & four play first to a completion, and then players one & two next. If mats are tied 2-2 then players one will play a one off sudden death extra end. Toss for start.
  • Best of three ends.
  • Shots do not count, just winning the end.
  • Two bowls per player. One dead end per player allowed. Subsequent dead ends result in that player losing the end.
  • No touchers.

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