The ten participating nations will be divided into two groups. Each group will contain five countries.

The draw will be seeded, with the combined ranking points of each nation’s top four players at the end of the 2017-18 season used to determine each nation’s seeding.

The first and fourth seeds will be in Group A. The second and third seeds will be in Group B. The remaining six teams will be split into three pots.and will be drawn alternatively, with the first team drawn from each pot placed in group A and the second team drawn from each pot placed in group B, until the two groups are complete.


Each team will see its players play in a pre-determined order. The top ranked player in the team will be player one, the second ranked player will be player two and so on.

All games will be played in the following format:
Player 1 v Player 1
Player 2 v Player 2
Player 3 v Player 3
Player 4 v Player 4

In every game the teams are competing for the six points on offer. Each player will earn one point for their team by winning their own match, therefore a total of four points will be awarded for individual player wins. A drawn match will result in half a point awarded to both players. An additional two points will be awarded to the team with the highest aggregate shot difference from across all four matches.

Group positions will be determined by the following: points, mats won, shot difference, shots for, head to head.

Knockout Stages

The winners and runners-up from both groups will qualify for the semi-finals.

The draw for the Knockout Stages is pre-determined. The winner of Group A will play the runner-up of Group B. The winner of Group B will play the runner-up of Group A.

Should any game in the knockout stages end in a 3-3 tie, each mat will play a tie-break based on that used in SMPT ranking events.

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