World 2 Bowl Masters Draw

The draw for the World 2 Bowl Masters has now been made. The event takes place the day before the World Masters on Friday 15th April. You can see the groups below and the full schedule here.

Group 01
Dan Winmill
Adrian Tanner
Dick Almen
Group 02
Kjetil Grønseth
Tom Brady
Karl Hudson
Group 03
Ryan Abraham
Steven Jeffers
Frank Cunningham
Group 04
Johnny Breadon
Alan Lyttle
Alan Thompson
Group 05
Diane Bell
Valerie Witherow
Steve Killington
Group 06
Lars-Rune Lauritzen
Dom Reed
Angus Barnes
Group 07
Stephen Marks
Paul Seaman
Edward Sawbridge
Group 08
Damien Bintley
Derek Shanks
Stephen McCrory
Group 09
Bent Nielsen
Ross Mackin
Rebecca Smith
Group 10
Joel Hager
Jack Pye
Mitchell Young
Group 11
Nathan Haire
Thomas Lowndes
Aidan Corrigan
Group 12
Keith Lackford
Billy Clinghan
Paul Bax
Group 13
Stephen Wilson
Sam Moore
David Ryste
Group 14
John Lax
Jonathan Barnes
Don McNamara
Group 15
Andrew Cockcroft
Ivan Craig
George Tanner
Group 16
Mark Mchugh
Dennis Hinks
Andy Howard
Group 17
Jan Reinders
Stephen Proctor
Peter Roberts
Group 18
Matthew Sifford
Peter Fautley
Chris Terry
Group 19
Len Graham
Saskia Schaft
William Collom
Group 20
Michael Beattie
Paul Canning
Tony Bell
Group 21
Jonas Hager
Ryan Marks
Seamus McMath
Group 22
Nigel Reed
Sheila Wilson
David McGuinness
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