Taylor Bowls World Fours & Pairs Draws

The draws for the Taylor Bowls World Fours Masters and the Taylor Bowls World Pairs Masters events have been completed and can now be viewed below.

With 40 Fours and 72 Pairs competing this year, we look forward to seeing you all at Falcon Bowling & Social Club in Chelmsford on the 1st and 2nd December!

Taylor Bowls World Fours

Full schedule

Group 01
Clarke, Nemar, Davis + Wood
Cushnahan, Reid, Cunningham + Cairnduff
Crozier, Brian, Wilson + Graydon
Hällstrand, Duffy, Guldestam + Nicholls
Group 02
Sly, Adamson, Chesher + Barham
Harmour, Dunn, AN Other + AN Other
Burgess, Trott, Ivings, Pridham
Richardson, Richardson, Culbert + Morrison
Group 03
Harvey, Winmill, Buckett + Dornan
Dunwoody, Mccarten, Elliot + Mcclure
Shorney, Shorney, Ray + Ray
High, High, Taylor + Taylor
Group 04
Edwards, Howell, Edwards + Howell
Pomeroy, Smith, Main + James
Perris, Harvey, Thomas + Kley
Finn, Finn, Sarling + Sarling
Group 05
Crowe, Robinson, Gardiner + Poulter
Coates, Coates, Dillon + Young
Bates, Bates, Forsythe + Brown
Akbar, Khan, Kausar + Manzoor
Group 06
McElvaney, Magennis, Farmer + Truell
Stiles, McWhinnie, Jones + Humphreys
Ford, Ford, Dubb + Dubb
Chittock, Chittock, Wade + Wade
Group 07
Reilly, Hall, Hall + Hutchinson
Evans, Jones, Hardy + Edwards
Beattie, Beattie, Moore + Beattie
Jillings, Pajak, Dent + Dent
Group 08
Bainbridge, Hillier, Gordon + Evans
Hobson, Clarke, Dyche + Shaw
Ealham, Smith-Allen, Goodchild + Child
Coles, Allard, Doorey + Player
Group 09
Davidson, Pye, Reed + McAlister
Killington, Bax, Pye + Woods
Beale, Hore, Daniel + Jolly
Williams, Evans, Payne + Payne
Group 10
Dillon, Murphy, Kidd + Crothers
Banfield, Banfield, Pettitt + Stevens
Stanford, McGivern, Spicer + Taylor

Taylor Bowls World Pairs

Full schedule

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