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A single change in the team from last year as Roger Hammond from France comes in for Kevin Jones. Frans Roberts, John Pajak and Bent Nielsen all return. Victory over Scotland and a narrow defeat by Norway last time out will give them belief that they can win more games.

Group B looks tough however. They will need to beat at least one of Ireland, Belgium or Wales to have any realistic chance of making it past the group stage. Scotland too will be looking for revenge for the defeat 12 months ago. This team will give their all however, so who knows what they might produce.


John Pajak
Bent Nielsen
Frans Roberts
Roger Hammond


// Match 1 // Time: 1:45 pm // Mats: 9-12
Wales 5.0 1.0 Rest of the World
Overall 48 22 Overall
// Match 2 // Time: 2:30 pm // Mats: 13-16
Ireland 5.5 0.5 Rest of the World
Overall 42 23 Overall
// Match 3 // Time: 3:45 pm // Mats: 13-16
Belgium 0.0 6.0 Rest of the World
Overall 25 38 Overall
// Match 4 // Time: 4:30 pm // Mats: 9-12
Scotland 6.0 0.0 Rest of the World
Overall 50 22 Overall
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